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Crew Management & Offshore Services


ET Marine

Crew Management & Offshore Services

ET Marine Ship Management offers a full service crewing department. Capable in manning many different types of vessels such as general cargo, tankers, supply ships, bulk carriers, cruise vessels, and SPECIALISED IN DP 1 AND DP2 VESSELS and tugs. Specializing in offering highly qualified Indian deck, engine and hotel officers and ratings on short notice. We can help in all your manning requirements.

ET Marine Ship Management is an organization committed to quality and customer satisfaction keeping with the norms laid down by the International Maritime Organization with regards to Safety of life at sea, the Protection of Environment and Safety of Cargo.

We operate with a forward looking and proactive approach to business. Reliability and flexibility are by no means mutually exclusive; we offer our clients both security and a service focused entirely towards their interests.

We are principally ship manning, charterers, cargo and shipbrokers and shipping agents, we provide these services to a growing marine clientele with unmatched quality and, at an economic cost.

With a dedicated team of professionals, a strong logistics and information infrastructure, End-Use delivers consistent high quality services to clients. Our headquarters located in Singapore, associate in India. We offer a variety of comprehensive services in the field of shipping:

(A) We are ship manning (Manpower)

(B) Our services include:

  • Ship and Cargo brokerage.
  • Container ship leasing.
  • Ship chartering.
  • Shipping Agents.
  • Freight forwarding.

Never outsourcing, we have always selected our personnel. The selection process includes CBT using specialist evaluation software that features STCW-95, domain knowledge vis-à-vis rank, and identifying training needs. It is followed by in-person-interview.

Our Personnel department manages other issues, such as: Briefing, debriefing, appraisal, training needs identification and arranging appropriate training, logistics support to effect sign-on /off, uniforms, family joining, salary disbursement, welfare, seminars, etc.

All crew information is managed through a database application that also assists in relief planning, salary computation, taxation, contribution etc.

Updated Crew Lists, details of each crew member including photographs are posted on the website for the convenience of owners. The Company provides officers and crew to other ownership and management.

Also we can provide complete Offshore / Onshore Drilling team, HSE team, ROV team, Survey team, Catering team etc. We are having associate office in Mumbai, India and presently supplying complete offshore/onshore teams in Mumbai offshore n UAE offshore and onshore projects.