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Culture of ET MARINE

E.T.MARINE PTE LTD. Was established in 2011, to develop a marine integrated global service and solution provider and management solution for the current problems observed in the construction process in marine.

Today, ET Marine is synonymous with Project management in Engineering, construction and Commissioning, Global ship management services and offshore vessel handling system, Petroleum resources (e.g. Crude oil, High speed diesel, Marine gas oil, Marine diesel oil), the above are all related marine services, by the support of our clients and internal staff, contractors, suppliers, we have paved the way to the generation of a new culture. This partnership has ensured the corporate success of ET Marine.

Committed to aim of succeeding in each and every project, we strive to optimize the results to our clients and focusing on the Reliability in marine industrial.

With the assurance of those who have pioneered this process and created a culture of excellence management team in the industry, ET marine has expanded its presence to include Consultancy Services, Fabrication &Construction and Assembly& Oil Trading.

We did all this because we believe and invest in people, in the generation of knowledge and in engineering. Thus, we remain certain that we can contribute even more to the development of the industries in which we work. After all, we are only just beginning.

Our Services

  • Project Management

    The Project Management Group’s role is to manage projects in liaison with the engineering workshops, Read More 

  • Marine Construction

    Under Construction

    Read More 

  • Ship Management

    ET Marine Ship Management uses to Star Fleet management system for maximum efficiency in a variety of applications Read More 

  • Crew Management

    ET Marine Ship Management offers a full service crewing department. Capable in manning many Read More 

  • PTW Process

    ET MARINE is well experienced in PTW Set –Up Process, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Read More 

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