Petroleum Trading Expert

“ETMARINE” is a fast-growing expert energy trading company specializing in oil and lubricant products. Founded in 2011 through a spinoff of a few senior executives from a major trading company, ETMARINE has been able to successfully expand its operations with its global network. Staffs at ETMARINE are professionals who possess a true depth of experience and knowledge in the entire spectrum of oil trading business. Industrial customers rely on ETMARINE’s extensive network, market intelligence and creative solutions to meet their energy resource needs.

Headquartered in Singapore, ETMARINE has always viewed Asia as its strategic market with specific emphasis on SE ASIA and other part of the world as well. As the region’s overall economies grow, so does their demand for energy resources, presenting a tremendous amount of growth opportunities in the future. ETMARINE has positioned itself to maximize growth by entering into strategic partnerships with leading international corporations in the energy industry.

ETMARINE attracts talented professionals who thrive and respond to opportunities in a fast-paced environment. ETMARINE is resourceful and provides Proficient in international oil trading operations, our team of experienced trader’s functions as the backbone in our trading system. Responsibilities are delegated and decisions are made quickly. This organizational platform enables ETMARINE to stay competitive and build a long-term relationship with customers.

All cargo movements are closely monitored to ensure speedy turnarounds and timely delivered. Our quick decision making process and highly dynamic operation team allow us always to be one step ahead of competitors.

ETMARINE is committed to providing total customer satisfaction and value added services to customers. To that end, ETMARINE will continue to make investments in upstream as well as downstream assets, logistics, and human resources.

What We Trade.

  High Speed Diesel.
  Euro 2M.
  Crude oil.
  Marine Gas Oil.
  Marine Diesel Oil.
  Lubricant and Greases.

Our Services

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  • Marine Construction

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  • Ship Management

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  • PTW Process

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